A Thanksgiving Dinner – Sharing American Traditions with Turkish Friends

Sharing American Traditions with Turkish Friends

Saturday, November 18 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Heritage UU Church
2710 Newtown Road
Cincinnati, 45244

GAPP invites you to a Thanksgiving Dinner with our Turkish Muslim friends. New to our country and our Thanksgiving traditions, our Turkish friends asked, “We know about Black Friday. What do you do on Thanksgiving?”

Please bring mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, rolls or a vegetarian option. Turkey, stuffing, vegetables and pie will be provided. Please do not include meat, alcohol, or liquid vanilla. The Muslim faith has several food restrictions and requirements.

Registration is required at or by emailing

The Cooking Class Back-story:
In 2011, GAPP and the Turkish American Society of Ohio (TASO) partnered to offer a series of cooking classes. Women from Turkey taught Cincinnati women the fine art of preparing everyone’s favorite Mediterranean foods. Each class was followed by sharing a meal and rich conversation. The great blessing has been lasting friendships.

As relationships grew, we shared other traditional festivities. The Turkish women hosted a Henna Night celebration, sharing the special pre-nuptial honoring of a bride by all the women the couple’s families. When they asked about Thanksgiving, GAPP hosted a Thanksgiving dinner. We shared Tea at an Interfaith Tea at Temple Shalom. And many GAPP women attended baby showers and celebrated family events.

Alas for us, the men in most of these families were completing graduate studies, and when their degrees had been completed, they moved to other cities for the next step in their careers.

In late 2016, GAPP’s one remaining Turkish friend from “the old days” reached out to say there are several new families eager to meet American friends. A potluck in January 2017 launched a new series of events to get to know current families new to Cincinnati. A picnic and a tea followed. Cooking classes in the homes of these families brought many together this summer. And now, at holiday time, the old question becomes relevant once again. The television tells everyone about Black Friday. But the rich celebrations in American homes as friends and family gather remains behind closed doors to immigrants.

You are invited to join in the fun, food and friendship of this 2017 Thanksgiving Dinner!

Photo’s from The Cooking Class Back Story

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