Respond to Hate


Project Lemonade

Project Lemonade was created by the Seltzer family of Springfield, Ill., in an effort to create a positive outcome from something that was sour or bad. GAPP has its own version of this project. When hate literature is received in our community or ANY hate incident occurs, you can respond in a way that creates a positive outcome by making a contribution to an organization that is committed to teaching tolerance, such as GAPP, Southern Poverty Law Center, American Jewish Committee, or National Underground Railroad Museum.

Then – the most important part – let those responsible for the hate literature know of your contribution. GAPP has created form letters that address the groups distributing the hate literature. Residents can obtain these letters at participating churches or by calling GAPP voice mail at 513.588.8391.

If you have been leafleted by a hate group, consider using the following as one form of response:

Letter of response to a hate group

Letter to neighbors

Giving Suggestions