Mourning the Creation of Racial Categories  

Mourning the Creation of Racial Categories  
This film is a project at Northern Kentucky University professor Joan Ferrante and her amazing students. 
Discussion will follow.
September 17, 2018
Immaculate Heart of Mary Church
7880 Beechmont Avenue, Cincinnati, 45255
7:00-9:00 PM

The Mourning the Creation of Racial Categories (MCRC) Project is dedicated to using the transformative powers of the arts to mourn the creation of racial categories and to help us understand and acknowledge the dynamics of separation, loss and abandonment on which categories such as Black, Native American and White were founded.  In the land, we have come to call the United States, the race concept and its categorical vision of humanity has a 400-year history that began with Jamestown. Since then everyone who lives, or has ever lived on this land has wrestled (in different ways) with that categorical vision and their place within it. Drawing on the transformative powers of the arts, the MCRC project explains how and why race and racial categories were constructed. The act of dividing people into a handful of officially recognized racial categories is not, and has never been, a matter of selecting a category from a check-box list.  A study of this history tells us that dividing peoples into racial categories has required family, ancestral, romantic, and other ties be severed. 
Appropriate for high school age and up

The event is free and open to the public
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