Kara Strass from the Myaamia Center

GAPP and ACRU welcome Kara Strass from the Myaamia Center at Miami University.

Are you familiar with the Myaamia Center? There is so much to learn!

The Myaamia Center, a Miami Tribe of Oklahoma initiative located within an academic setting, serves the needs of the Myaamia people, Miami University, and partner communities through research, education, and outreach that promote Myaamia language, culture, knowledge, and values. The Center welcomes Miami tribal students to the Oxford campus and provides a “home away from home” to participate in tribal activities.

The Myaamia Center has done ground-breaking work to revitalized their lost tribal language and develop curricular materials to teach a new generation their ancestral language. Their work is amazing.

Students and teachers are especially welcome, along with Miami University alums. Mainstream culture is slowly waking up to the realization that the history we learn about Native Americans is woefully lacking or distorted. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the real-time life and work of people who were forcefully removed from this region nearly 200 years ago.

Location: Heritage UU Church, 2710 Newtown Road, 45244

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